Tel Aviv And Jaffa

Today was a beautiful day in Tel Aviv. It had been raining the past week there so we were fortunate to get a sunny day with just a little clouds. It was around low 50’s as we set out.

We started out near the Mediterranean beach of Tel Aviv. As we came upon this life guard tower below I couldn’t help but take a picture of it with it’s fun artwork displayed on it. There weren’t to many people out walking on the beach but the beach seemed to go on forever.

Jaffa was our next stop which is an ancient city port that is referenced in the Bible. In the 1960’s it was the place to go for your marijuana. To clean up the area a law was passed and only artists could occupy that space. From a top the hill you get an amazing view of Tel Aviv. See photo below.

Next stop was back to Tel Aviv with a tour around this 24 hour city. You can find bars and clubs open in the early hours of the morning and some don’t open until 10pm. We saw mostly in bars a younger crowd and even walking on the streets during the day. Prices here are high. With 1 bedrooms apartments going for a million or more and that doesn’t include taxes. Our driver took his kid to McDonald’s and got a combo deal and he paid $26.00 dollars.

Yitzhak Rabin was the only prime minster to be assassinated which was in 1985. It was at the King’s square in Tel Aviv. See photo below of the memorial. Which after that the square was known as Rabin Square. It was done by an Israel citizen.

President Clinton is the only U.S. president that was widely liked by Israel.

Tel Aviv was built on sand dunes.

Tel Aviv also has the highest divorce rate and the highest amount of singles.