Today started out with high winds and thunderstorms and a temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit but it sure felt much colder.

As we make our way up to Caesarea we get to view an Israel Power Plant. Up until 2004 Israel depended on coal imports for electricity. Once natural gas was found offshore, Israel switched from imports of coal to using it’s own natural gas. It now exports it’s natural gas to Jordan. Israel has never had a nuclear power plant.

Around 25-12 BC Harold the Great built Caesarea Maritima and it become a major port city. After Harold’s death and many conquests of Caesarea it went from a major port city to only a village. It was the last city of the Holy Land to fall during the Muslim conquest in the 7th century to the Arabs. The ruins of this ancient city were excavated in the 1950’s from under sand dunes and archaeologists are still excavating to this day. In 2018 24 gold coins were found dating back to 1101.

Pictured below is a hippodrome where they raced chariots and horses.

As you can see above just how windy it was out. We just came right after the thunderstorm was over. You could feel the windy pushing on you so hard that it made it hard to stand in some places.

Pictured below is the first of it’s kind in Israel, an ancient 2000 year old amphitheater which is still in use today.

Pictured below is an aqueduct which was built by Harold the Great to carry water from Mount Carmel springs to the city.