One of my most memorable trips was Nepal. It was the last day of the
Diwali festival which is the Hindu festival of lights. The start of it just so happened to be on my birthday that year. It is also celebrated in India and one of India’s biggest festivals.

Diwali Rangoli -art form handmade with colored sand
Nepal Interesting Facts

* Located in the Himalayas mainly. China and India border it. China to the north and India on the other 3 sides.

* Kathmandu is the capital.

* Napali is the officially language.

* The founder of Buddhism Gautama Buddha was born in southern Nepal.

* 1951 Nepal officially opened to westerners.

* It has 5 climate zones and 5 seasons which includes a monsoon season.

* Hinduism and Buddhism are the main religions in Nepal.

* Out of the 10 tallest mounts in the world Nepal has 8, which of course includes Mount Everest which is the highest on Earth. All 8 are over 8,000 meters.

* Due to the Indo-Australian and Asian plates Nepal is prone to earthquakes. In 2105 a 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal which was the biggest in 81 years then 17 days later a 7.3 aftershock. 16 earthquakes within the last 365 days from 3.7 to 4.9. Just this past May 12 it had a 4.9 earthquake.

When I went which was in 2017 most of the streets were not paved and due to the 2015 earthquake it was very dusty. There was still people living in temporary shelters.

Temporary Shelter. Earthquake refugee drying grain.

Most places we went there was monkeys. We were told not to have anything hanging or sunglasses on as they would steal them off of us. If we had to carry a purse to keep it close to us or like the women below the monkeys would try and take it.