Things I’ve Learned while traveling Italy

There are 3 train types: Regional, Intercity, and Domestic High Speed.
Seat reservations are required for all Intercity and Domestic High Speed trains.  This will add three to ten euros for each train with EuroRail passes, and may impact your decision on whether or not a EuroRail pass is worth it to you.
Make sure you fill out your EuroRail pass before boarding each train.  The conductors check your tickets on each Intercity and Domestic train, and some regionals.  You may have to pay a fine if it’s not filled out or pay for a full fare ticket.  Your EuroRail pass must be activated prior to your first train.

If you are taking a regional train with your EuroRail pass, you don’t need to get a ticket you just need to show your pass and make sure that it’s filled out.  On regional trains you can sit anywhere, and all seats are 2nd class.

Most Intercity and Domestic High Speed trains have both first class and 2nd class.  Note that on some Domestic High Speed trains, first class may be identified as Business.

To flush the toilets on the trains you push a red button on the floor and at the sink you push another red button on the floor to run the water. Also they don’t have seat covers.

Some trains have much bigger steps to lug your luggage up than others. I had some difficulty on some trains and had to lift my suitcase up leveraging the side handle of the train.
Many train stations do not have an elevator and some have two or three flights of stairs.

Public toilets in Italy can cost anywhere from .50 euros or even .80 euros depending on where you are. Some didn’t have any seat cover. If you want to get out of paying go to a cafe and order a coffee and then use their bathroom.  If you are going to have to pay then you should get something for it is what one Italian told us.

If you sit down at a cafe instead of stand then your coffee may cost extra due to a cover charge.  This can double or triple the cost of your coffee.  Check with the specific cafe to see if they have a coperto charge.

Air b&b offers better rates if you stay a week or a month. 

Not very many of the apartments or hotels have elevators.

Rome just banned street drinking, organizing pub crawls, and taking a dip in the city’s fountains. Dressing up as a gladiator to pose for pictures is also banned.

Venice is very challenging as an introvert. There is just to many people in such a small area.

If you go to Rome you must eat at Taverna Luciferno. It’s a bit of a challenge to find as there is no name on the door to it and you need to ring a bell to get in. You should get a reservation beforehand as it fills up quickly. The food is amazing including the bread and the staff take excellent care of each and everyone.