It located in Northern Israel. It is the largest Arab city of Israel. There is an upper Nazerath which was declared a city in 1974 and is mostly Jewish and is is the largest Jewish city in the Galile. Women in Nazerath tend to marry younger than normal.

The Church of the Annunciation is in Nazerath. Also known as the Basilica of Annunciation The church was built by Jewish contractors at the request of Pope Paul VI in 1969. It is under the control of the Franciscans.

Front of the Church of the Annunciation.

My favorite part was the court yard artwork. Pope Paul VI commissioned the picture of Mary to be done by various artists from different countries in their eyes of how they pictured Mary. It was so interesting to see how different countries viewed how Mary looked.

Mary’s cave, the cave in which, according to the Catholic-Christian tradition, Mary was visited by Archangel Gabriel and told her she is destined to carry Jesus in her womb can be seen inside the church at the middle.

Mary’s cave is in front of the nun praying.
What is left of the ancient village of Nazerath.