Bracciano is a small town located northeast of Rome. It takes between 55 minutes to an hour and half to reach Bracciano depending on the train. Ostiense and Valle Aurelia stations from Rome will take you to Bracciano. It’s famous for it’s volcanic lake Largo di Bracciano which is one of the 8 largest lakes in Italy. It’s also famous for it’s medieval castle Castello Orsoni-Odescalchi.

We decided to take a day trip here since I had 1 day left in Italy and 1 day left on my Eurorail pass. This is the only place we saw where you could walk over the train tracks. Almost everywhere else you were prohibited to cross the tracks. It’s a great place to spend the day just walking around and exploring the Castle.

Tables in the middle of a side street to have lunch.
Castello Orsoni-Odescalch
Behind an ordinary wooden door in this room Isabella de’ Medici ‘s one night stands would be thrown into a well of blades. Never to be seen again…